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Countax K Series Tractor
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Parts found in this diagram
PositionPart NoDescPriceInfo 
102827700SET SCREW 1/4UNF X 3/4£0.15 view
2088743001/4 T4 Hp Washer£0.161/4 T4 Hp Washer view
304891400Nyloc Nut1/4"Unf£0.30Nyloc Nut1/4"Unf view
502825900Bolt, M8 X 20Mm£0.19Bolt, M8 X 20Mm view
608819700WASHER 5/16 T4 ZINC PLATED H/Duty£0.07WASHER 5/16 T4 ZINC PLATED H/Duty view
730121200TOP DECK COVER (DRIVEN)£21.46 view
802825300Bolt 3/8 X 1 1/4" Unf£0.32Bolt 3/8 X 1 1/4" Unf view
908819900DOME WASHER 1.3/4od x 3/8id x 1/8Dome£1.62DOME WASHER 1.3/4od x 3/8id x 1/8Dome view
10208702007" Deck Drive Pulley£29.177" Deck Drive Pulley view
1122871200B57 Belt£32.05B57 Belt view
1122949800B54 BELT£30.77 view
12209044600Deck Idler Pulley C/W Bearing£15.04Deck Idler Pulley C/W Bearing view
1304827500NYLOC NUT 5/16 Unf£0.19NYLOC NUT 5/16 Unf view
1408819700WASHER 5/16 T4 ZINC PLATED H/Duty£0.07WASHER 5/16 T4 ZINC PLATED H/Duty view
1518831600Spacer Jockey Wheel£2.47Spacer Jockey Wheel view
1622869800Aa105 Belt£41.45Aa105 Belt view
17208695025"Internal Pulley/Keyway£23.685"Internal Pulley/Keyway view
1820811500Pto Jockey Pulley (Capitol)£12.24Pto Jockey Pulley (Capitol) view
2001821200BOLT 5/16unf x 2.3/4 HT Z/P£0.35BOLT 5/16unf x 2.3/4 HT Z/P view
2132712000TOP DECK COVER£26.04 view
2201820800BOLT 5/16" UNF X 1 3/4" BZP£0.30BOLT 5/16" UNF X 1 3/4" BZP view
23183853800Universal Jockey Pivot Spacer£2.53Universal Jockey Pivot Spacer view
2432712200BELT TENSION PLATE 38£12.70 view
252590620042" Deck Tension Spring£4.6142" Deck Tension Spring view
2602827600SET SCREW 5/16 X 3/4£0.30 view
2701821500BOLT - 3/8 X 2.1/4 UNF£0.50 view
2808820100WASHER 3/8 T3 Z/p£0.07WASHER 3/8 T3 Z/p view
2904820200NYLOC NUT 3/8 UNF£0.19 view
30068491002Mm R Clip£0.292Mm R Clip view
313270250032702501_34£15.29  view
3218326700DECK HEIGHT TRUNION£5.12 view
3332703300DECK HEIGHT ADJUST YOKE£21.23 view
3431340800CLEVIS PIN 3/8£2.37 view
3507846800CIRCLIP 3/8£0.18 view
361831740018317000_34£4.22  view
3701820900BOLT - 5/16 X 2 UNF£0.34 view
3832701800DECK HEIGHT LEVER ASSY£19.88 view
392710210127102101_34   view
4032736170032708000_34£38.57  view
4125908802SWPR LIFT SPRING / X SRS BELT SPRING£7.30 view
4231302700SPACER£1.10 view
4301820600BOLT - 5/16 X 1 1/4 UNF£0.19 view
4429200700DECK LIFT CRADLE K/C-SERIES & 20/50£17.03 view
4531337200Deck Lift Pin (Rear)£5.75Deck Lift Pin (Rear) view
46088003600Washer - M12 X 24 X 1.6£0.29Washer - M12 X 24 X 1.6 view
4730709200REAR DECK LEVEL BRACKET£6.80 view
4830117601REAR DECK LEVEL CAM£4.83 view
49089423700WASHER 19MM (RIDER)£0.53 view
5007823200E CLIP 3/4£0.42E CLIP 3/4 view
5130121300Rear Deck Hanging Bracket R/H£7.33Rear Deck Hanging Bracket R/H view
5230121400Rear Deck Hanger Bracket L/H£7.33Rear Deck Hanger Bracket L/H view
5314868900Rubber Flap (T/Axle Deflector)£6.19Rubber Flap (T/Axle Deflector) view
5430145100DECK FLAP PLATE£4.02 view
5512860100RIVET 4.8 X 16MM ALLOY POP 1031-4816£0.17RIVET 4.8 X 16MM ALLOY POP 1031-4816 view
5604852800M8 CAPTIVE NUT£0.48 view
5740503607Bearing Housing Assy Short Shaft£61.16Bearing Housing Assy Short Shaft view
5840503607Bearing Housing Assy Short Shaft£61.16Bearing Housing Assy Short Shaft view
5940503507Deck Bearing Housing Assy Long Shaft£65.84Deck Bearing Housing Assy Long Shaft view
603272670036" IBS DECK SHELL, 1996 to 2008£305.1036" IBS DECK SHELL, 1996 to 2008 view
604050010040500100_34£0.00  view
6118805300Deck Level Trunion£6.70Deck Level Trunion view
6218805900HEIGHT ADJUSTER ROD£19.15 view
63028663200M8x70mm HEX BOLT ZINC £0.35M8x70mm HEX BOLT ZINC view
6404822300Full Nut Heax M8 Z/P£0.07Full Nut Heax M8 Z/P view
6508823500STARLOCK WASHER£0.28 view
6604920100M8 Nyloc Nut£0.16M8 Nyloc Nut view
6731339400Deck Lift Pin£5.74Deck Lift Pin view
6807823200E CLIP 3/4£0.42E CLIP 3/4 view
6927115100DECK ADJUSTMENT PLATE£11.09 view
7032703701Deck Carry Cradle Assembly Front£33.00Deck Carry Cradle Assembly Front view
7131336800Deck Lift Pin (Front)£5.52Deck Lift Pin (Front) view
7231338200Deck Push Rod Pin£5.82Deck Push Rod Pin view
7329203900Deck Bar 36"£10.15Deck Bar 36" view
7411836700Rue Clip£0.77Rue Clip view
754050520036 & 38 BLADE KIT£47.56 view
764050520036 & 38 BLADE KIT£47.56 view
774050520036 & 38 BLADE KIT£47.56 view
78088004000M10 Internal Shakeproof Washer£0.29M10 Internal Shakeproof Washer view
7927111200Deck Pan Tab Washer£1.42Deck Pan Tab Washer view
8031337600Scuff Wheel Hub/ Belt Guard Spacer£1.87Scuff Wheel Hub/ Belt Guard Spacer view
8119905500Anti Scalp Wheel 1/2" Bore£11.68Anti Scalp Wheel 1/2" Bore view
8235803300Rider Deck Danger Decal£2.30Rider Deck Danger Decal view
8309921900KEY 1/4 X 1£1.32 view
84183023100SPACER 8 x 38.1 x 25£1.94SPACER 8 x 38.1 x 25 view

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